Recent History (Social Service Provider)

Starting in early 2020, the Forest Grove Foundation focused its fiscal sponsorships on organizations that served poverty issues in Forest Grove and the surrounding areas (including Gaston, Banks, and North Plains). Those sponsorships prioritized homeless outreach, winter shelter, basic needs support of those experiencing housing insecurity, and creating and supporting a food access network in and around Forest Grove.

By the summer of 2021, the Board of Directors identified the need to pivot from being a sponsoring organization to one which is primarily responsible for implementing and facilitating service programs that help alleviate the suffering due to poverty in Western Washington County. The Forest Grove Foundation hired its first Executive Director in August 2021 to oversee this vision and mission.

Past History (Fiscal Sponsor)

Previously, the Forest Grove Foundation was “a diverse group of individuals whose interest is administering to other citizen groups for the betterment of our community”. Our aim was to improve the access and reach for organizations seeking a fiscal sponsor toward charitable and community-building efforts in the community; an alliance in lieu of forming a nonprofit.

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit incorporated in 1995, and based in Washington County, Oregon. The Foundation has a memorable history of supporting charitable and community-building efforts.

Among the projects the Foundation has supported include: 

Love Rocks Run (Anna & Abby’s Yard), 2014–2019
Community Sundial, 2019
Lions (vision), 2014–2018
Main Course, 2010–2018
Sister Cities, 2008–2019
Brick Campaign (Public Arts), 2008
Christmas Tree Festival, 2007
Community Labyrinth (Rotary), 2005
Brick Campaign, 2003–2004
Fireworks Fund, 2002–2008
Holiday Decorating, 2000–2019
Arboretum (Forestry), 2000–2007
Cornelius Boosters (scholarships), 2000–2006
Our Pride (graffiti, parks, N entrance), 1999–2011
Heritage Days (Corn Roast), 2005–2008
Skateboard Park, 1999
Cycle Oregon, 1994 (why the Foundation was established)